Diploma in CTCP (Certified Tariff Classification Professional)

Certified Tariff Classification Professional
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Classification of products plays a very pivotal role in the consideration of duties, restrictions and licensing which would initiate a successful import & export leading to conclusion of tariffs and compliant in terms of trade. Gaining expertise in the field has not been easy and takes consistent effort & resource over a period to achieve perfection leading to correct classification & performance improvement.

Trade Compliance has become an important deliverable for any company involved in import-export as well as auxiliary firms. Diligently prepared course on the HTS classification covers major marketplaces, laying out rules and following the legal & compliant definitions for an accurate classification. It is a game changer and provides a competitive edge in terms of best practices.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Trade Compliance
  • Understanding Harmonized Tariffs
  • Harmonized Tariff Classification
  • Country of Origin
  • International Terms & Documentations
Learning Outcomes:
  • Thorough session of trade and trade compliance
  • Understanding of tariff classification
  • HS Practice & implementation
  • Learning of marketplaces and duties.
  • Knowledge on Country of origin and its rules
  • Introduction to Denied Party Screening, Incoterms, and Documentations
“HS classification at its best”