Trade Compliance


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Application of trade policies, measures & regulations are pivotal part of a pact, group and an agreement brought into place for establishment of transitioning activities.

Product orientation becomes a vital scenario when considering tariff calculation which is inclusive of auxiliary costs creating a value addition and change in the valuation which could inadvertently lead to different computation.

The course is perfectly placed to give a summarisation of relative origin determination and agreements in place in order to have a fair valuation and consideration of all the applicable variable factors.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Country of Origin
  • Detrimental factors in origin
  • Types of Origins
  • Trade Agreements
  • Types of Trade Agreements
  • International Terms & Documentations
Learning Outcomes:
  • Significance of country of origin
  • Variables in determining COO.
  • Trade Agreements, applicability, and usage.
  • Discussion on contemporary examples of trade agreement.
  • Introduction to Denied Party Screening, Incoterms, and Documentations
“Widened scope in Origin, evaluation and agreements.”