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Customs Valuation

Customs Valuation
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Universally accepted valuation is widely known and followed as its incremental to the flow of trade and takes into consideration several indexes such as market, competition, development, and fair market neutrality.

Price determination is an expansive factor while launching up a product in the market which are depended on various variable factors such as Demand, supply, lifecycle, marketing, cost inculcated, market scenarios and competitiveness although not limited to. Valuation of the specific price on which duty will be availed is a more complex and intricate process leading to significant efforts of discussions among trading nations to derive a conclusion. The course aims to highlight the methods used in progressing goods cost with additional variables to reach an appropriate and universally accepted computation.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Customs Valuation
  • Country of Origin
  • Harmonized Schedule
  • Methods of Valuation
Learning Outcomes:
  • Explanation on customs valuation
  • Importance of country of origin, harmonized tariff in valuation
  • Description on methods of valuation
  • Detailed elaboration of various methods with illustration
“Broaden the concepts and intricacies of valuation.”