Foundation Course in Global Logistics

Foundation Course in Global Logistics
  • The Foundation course in Global Logistics aims to equip students with the fundamentals of Logistics. This course is for the ones who are new to the logistics industry or have basic knowledge or aspire to work in Logistics, Warehousing, Inventory management, Transportation & operations.
  • The logistics and supply chain aspects are vital for any business in terms of supply of quality raw materials, efficient manufacturing process, as well as tracking, transport and storage of the finished goods. Companies implementing well-designed supply chain practices can meet consumer needs in a more swift and timely manner.
  • The course will take students through a range of logistics functions to help them understand the concept better.
  • The course includes introduction to various logistics concepts, how to manage transportation, inventory, warehousing.
  • This course also touches on the concept of reverse logistics, further it also highlights current scenarios in the global industry accompanied with major trends in logistics.
  • The training focuses on the concept that learners are adequately supported and skilled to start and maximize their career opportunities in logistics sectors.
Key Highlights:
  • Overview, Definitions, Functions, and objectives of Global Logistics
  • Transportation, Modes & Selection criteria’s, TMS
  • Warehouse Management, Types, Process, Design and Storage system, WMS
  • Inventory Management, Types, planning, distribution, concepts, IMS
  • Overview of Reverse Logistics and its importance
  • E-Business, AI in logistics, Robotics, challenges & latest trends in E-Logistics.
What makes Unique?
  • The global supply chain industry has grown tremendously with its impact on international trade leading to significant demand for job opportunities for specialized logistics professionals, faster than the average rate for all other occupations. With this growth comes job security, along with the possibility of increased compensation due to the in-demand status of professionals in this field.
  • This course will prove to be a boon to you and help you boost your logistics management knowledge. It is a base for enhancing and becoming a certified Logistics Specialist which can lead you to multiple job opportunities in fields of Warehousing, Transportation, Distribution, Inventory Management.
  • This course is ideal for getting placed at elite companies like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, Reliance, Tata’s, Mahindra Logistics, Blue Dart, DHL, UPS, with an average pay scale (CTC) between 5 to 6 lacs p.a. or even becoming entrepreneurs, business owners in retail business as it is prepared with focus on practical knowledge which you can use in day-to-day work.
Who is this for?
  • This is necessary course for beginners and intermediate students/professionals in logistics, supply chain and operations management who want to improve and broaden their scope of knowledge on the subject.
  • Anyone interested in learning about the latest practices in Global Logistics operations.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses, students and everyone interested in logistics operations.
  • Overview, definitions, functions, and objectives of Logistics
  • 7 Rights of Logistics, 5 Ps of Logistics
  • Transportation, Modes & Selection criteria’s
  • Characteristics and highlights of each transport mode
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Air, Water, Rail, Road modes of transport
  • Challenges in Transport logistics, concept of consolidation and economies of scale,
  • Benefits of Transport Management System (TMS) and how it works.
  • Warehouse Management, Types, Process, Design and Storage system
  • Technology and Trends in warehouse management systems (WMS) and how it works.
  • Inventory Management, Types, planning, distribution, concepts
  • Cost associated with Inventory, inventory planning. distribution patterns, concepts, Audits, Trends, and technology in Inventory Management systems (IMS) and how it works.
  • Overview of Reverse Logistics and its importance
  • Reasons for returns, 5 Rs of reverse logistics, Future of Reverse logistics
  • Best practices and how to determine the right logistics model.
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