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Logistics being the backbone of any growth in the industry be it manufacturing, production, retail or service, so Supply chain management has to now be stronger to meet the increasing expectations of the customers/consumers, which are usually zero defects, faster delivery and at lower cost.

Our course provides an in-depth knowledge on logistics operations, supply chain models, warehouse operations, and other mandatory requirements in Imports and Exports. The course is designed by renowned logistics professionals which ensures that our students are well equipped with knowledge to shoulder the responsibilities of a logistics professional.

We take the time to understand your goals, providing personalised and flexible learning solutions driven by passionate mentors and support teams. The faculty makes sure that the students are given the opportunity to improve their skills through real-time industry situations. This makes our certification unique and prestigious and enhances the employability of a candidate many folds and open career opportunities in a vast range of sectors like aviation, customer service, eCommerce, logistics, shipping and supply chain.

Key points covered in the Logistics Management course:
  • Overview of Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Understanding International Trade and International Logistics
  • Key points in the import & export, shipping industry, warehousing, and their challenges
  • How shipping companies work, processing documentation, shipping terms, Customs procedures
  • Analyse various strategies adopted to manage shipping
  • Impact of globalization and liberalization
  • What are the innovations & trends in Logistics industry
  • What is the future
Benefits/Deliverables from the course:
  • Understanding the End-to-End Management of goods and services
  • Understanding roles, responsibilities, and various strategies in the Shipping world
  • Key concepts –Transportation, Types of Logistics, Freight forwarding, Reverse Logistics, Warehousing & Inventory management
  • Sound technical knowledge and practical exposure
  • Recognize multiple ways to solve problems and embrace divergent thinking
  • Better Job opportunities in supply chain and logistics
  • Passion to learn
  • Basic understanding of Logistics
  • But don’t worry we will cover right from the scratch