Joseph Stanley
Logistics Management Specialist

Logistics professional with Masters in Retail Supply Chain management, having holistic functional expertise of over eighteen plus years in Warehousing, Distribution, Inventory Management, International trade, Shipping documentation, Reverse Logistics in sectors related to FMCG, telecommunications, party logistics (3PL, 4PL) service providers, clearing and forwarding agents.

From an aimless university passed out graduate to my journey in logistics has changed, Logistics industry taught me the value of time and how to manage it well from Procurement to Manufacturing to Finished goods to Storing optimal Inventory to Distribution across the globe by utilizing efficient and effective transportation through various supply chain solutions and last mile operations, it requires timing and fast decision-making skills to ensure the ultimate client / customer satisfaction.

Logistics is a wonderful industry where you keep on learning new concepts and details every day, it's not just a job it's an adventure which I as a professional enjoy learning and sharing, so, here I am to share and nurture the learners with my practical and acquired hands on knowledge in developing logistics professionals to enhance their career opportunities by becoming a valued logistician.