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Trade Compliance Course
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Trade compliance represents one of the most intense aspects of engaging in international trade, and failure to maintain it leads to multiple negative consequences of non-compliance. Those consequences can include hefty monetary fines, civil penalties, and seized shipments.

Effective trade compliance ensures that goods are classified correctly, and the origin and valuation of goods are accurately declared according to the laws, sanctions, and regulations.

You must also ensure that the appropriate duties and taxes are paid. However, this is only a tiny part of the bigger picture.

The next time you ask yourself how vital trade compliance is, think about what would happen if your company could not ship any product to any foreign destination!

An effective trade compliance professional protects the company and country from any potential danger.

So, what are you waiting for?? You have reached the correct platform. Enroll into our Professional course on Trade Compliance and reach career heights.

The Professional Diploma in International Trade Compliance aims to educate existing and aspiring international trade professionals around the world. We offer the most current and practical education and training on all aspects of international trade; compliance and regulations - taught by Trade compliance professional experts. Our training focuses on the practical side of business to ensure that our learners are adequately supported and skilled to kick start or enhance their career opportunities and growth.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Classification and Tariffs
  • Export Classification
  • Origin of Goods
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Prohibition, Restrictions and Sanctions
  • Incoterms
  • Customs for Business
Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding the concept of International Trade and Trade Compliance
  • Understanding all aspects of the classification of goods - application, validation and the use of online databases.
  • Sound technical knowledge of Exports and different Export regulatory agencies
  • Understanding on the origin of goods which determines their economic nationality
  • Identification and management of prohibitive and restricted goods, people and entity and keeping the safety and standards of WCO.
  • Key concepts – Free trade Agreement, Incoterms, Import/Export documentation
  • Recognize multiple ways to solve problems and embrace divergent thinking

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